Cynthia: Hidden In The Moonshadow – An Early Review

In the realm of adventure games, the story of a hero returning home to find his world shattered by dark forces is nothing unprecedented. Unfortunately, Cynthia: Hidden in the Moonshadow by Cat Games follows this trope closely without bringing much innovation to the formula.

Cynthia: Hidden In The Moonshadow Game Settings

The game begins with Cynthia returning from her global explorations, equipped with new adventuring skills – specifically, proficiency with a bow and arrow. However, the initial excitement of reuniting with her beloved Hector and family takes an unexpected turn. Despite the immediate prompt to hurry, players have to navigate an entire chapter dedicated to aiding an injured bird. Pace problems persist as Cynthia, now aware of her besieged village, sets out on a quest powered by a mysterious moon amulet.

One of the primary challenges Cynthia faces is the lack of clarity regarding the motivations of the plot. With minimal explanation and a lack of guidance on objectives, players may find themselves lost in a linear story. Cynthia’s awareness of the significance of the Moon Amulet does not necessarily translate into the player’s understanding, contributing to a feeling of disconnect from the unfolding narrative.

The game is divided into five different chapters, each marked by collectible notes and changing backgrounds. While the settings are visually unique and serve to represent progression, the graphical execution lacks consistency. At times, the game offers captivating landscapes, but there are also instances where the lack of attention to details becomes glaringly obvious.

Cynthia: Hidden In The Moonshadow Gameplay

The cynthia serves primarily as a stealth game, limiting the use of the bow to non-combat purposes. While initially engaging, the gameplay quickly becomes repetitive. The limited ways to avoid detection create a feeling of monotony with little variety in strategy.

The puzzles in Cynthia provide a mixed experience. While some are charming and entertaining, others suffer from repetition and a lack of clear instructions. The absence of guidance on puzzle mechanics sometimes limits solving them to trial and error.

Cynthia’s main attraction lies in its collectibles – Notes, Outfit Chests, and Moonshadow Blessings. These encourage exploration and offer the chance to delve deeper into the game’s lore, though none are required to progress.

The crafting element in Cynthia is straightforward but limited. Making arrows involves gathering materials and using a campfire, a simple process that fits well into the context of the game.

While the game’s archery mechanics add a layer of complexity, problems arise with the arrow preparation mechanism. Quick shots often result in frustration as preparation of the arrows is off, requiring repeated attempts. Additionally, Cynthia’s voice acting falls short, with overacting and occasionally poor performances. The option to mute voice acting may be a welcome relief for some players.

Cynthia: Hidden In The Moonshadow Release Date

The game Cynthia: Hidden in the Moonshadow is releasing on Xbox One in the USA on 10th January.


Ultimately, Cynthia: Hidden in the Moonshadow offers a mixed bag of gameplay experiences. Although it contains some attractive elements such as collectibles and some puzzles, its shortcomings in plot clarity, graphical consistency, and repetitive gameplay aspects may leave players yearning for a more refined adventure experience. Addressing these issues could elevate Cynthia from her current situation and offer players a more profound journey through Moonlight Shadow.

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