Once Human Review

Once Human Review – In the gaming world, new titles keep coming out frequently, each promising unique experiences and innovative gameplay. One such title that has recently caught the attention of many gamers is Once Human. After two weeks of extensive gameplay demo, here is a detailed look at the game.

Once Human Gameplay

Once Human offers a wide range of gameplay options, making it one of the most engaging games of recent releases. Despite spending hours every day learning its intricacies, new systems and mechanics continue to emerge, keeping the experience fresh and engaging.

The world of Once Human is huge and fascinating. Even in the starting area, Dayton Wetlands, which is designed for new players up to level 15, there is a lot of content to explore. The abundance of leveling content makes the idea of ​​creating alternate characters tempting, although it is unclear whether this is supported on the same account.

Right from the start, Once Human offers separate servers for both PvE and PvP gameplay. However, the choice between PvE and PvP appears to be a decision made at the time of character creation, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change this option or create a second character on the same account, which requires further investigation.

Once Human offers a variety of gameplay loops that cater to different play styles, whether adventuring, competing or building. The competitive PvP aspect, involving territorial battles on offshore islands, is largely overlooked in this review. However, the leveling, collecting, building and exploration aspects are thoroughly engaging.

Building stands out as a particularly strong feature in Once Human. Tools are reliable and easy to use, providing a strong creative experience. While there is room for improvement, the foundation is solid, especially for a game still in beta.

Combat in Once Human is fluid and satisfying. Mechanics feel natural and intuitive, with speed playing a key role in success. Varied AI and dynamic battle scenarios add layers of excitement to each encounter, although a reduced focus on ammunition would be a welcome change.

Once Human Character Customization

Character customization in Once Human is impressively detailed. Starting with six presets, players can adjust features ranging from hairline to facial bone structure. This level of customization is reminiscent of the detailed options often seen in Korean MMOs.

Once Human Story

Once Human’s story is surprisingly engaging, with a subtlety not often seen in similar games. The story unfolds through a variety of means, including side-stories and diegetic narratives such as diaries and notes, as well as a central mission sequence that players can follow more directly.

The worldbuilding in Once Human is one of its strongest aspects. The atmosphere in the aftermath of the Starfall event is both disorienting and captivating, effectively conveying the sense of an alternate reality encroaching upon the familiar. This attention to detail makes the game unique and immersive.

Special mention must be made of the game’s environments. The abandoned settlements and structures spread throughout the region tell their own story through their layout and use of assets, creating a sense of place and history that enhances immersion.

While the graphics in Once Human are attractive, they may not be groundbreaking. However, the sound design is exceptional, contributing significantly to the immersive experience. Auditory cues are precise enough to alert players to nearby dangers, adding to the tension and atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

Once Human is an impressive achievement, especially for a game that’s still in beta. It offers a rich and varied experience that’s both engaging and immersive. While it may not win Game of the Year awards, it’s certainly better than many expected and is a testament to well-tested game design.

This once human review is based on a two-week gameplay demo. As the beta continues, there may be further developments and refinements to make the game even better. For now, Once Human is a game worth playing, and I look forward to seeing it fully realized in the future.

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