Archaelund Early Review: A Glimpse into 4 Dimension Games’ Ambitious RPG

4th Dimension Games, creators of Exiled Empires, revealed their latest project for the game’s one-year anniversary: Archaelund. It’s an ambitious party-based RPG that promises abundant options and tactical combat. It maintains the open world concept beloved by Exiled Kingdoms.

Archaelund Gameplay

Archelund invites players to lead a party of adventurers through a carefully crafted open world. This title brings back the joy of exploration, allowing players to chart their own course, discover secrets, face unexpected challenges, and immerse themselves in conflicts or personal pursuits. The world is designed with intricate details, giving players the freedom to shape their own story.

Based on the best aspects of classic RPGs, Arkelund transitions seamlessly from first-person exploration to top-down tactical combat. Players can issue strategic commands to their party, navigating them through the battle grid to face formidable enemies. The intense dungeon-crawling experience promises to enthrall players as they delve deeper into the game world.

Archelund adopts a non-inflationary, bounded system, which ensures that every battle counts. The focus on strategy over bloated numerical statistics ensures that players approach each encounter thoughtfully. Character progression introduces new strategic options as characters advance through levels, keeping the gameplay dynamic and engaging.

Departing from traditional RPG tropes, Arkelund features a career-based character progression system. Players start as a humble thug, scoundrel, junkman, hunter, beggar, or prospector, with initial career options determined semi-randomly. As the journey progresses, players can move on to more “heroic” advanced careers, leaving behind their despised origins. Archelund has over 60 careers, categorized into Basic, Advanced and Elite levels.

Archaelund Release Date and Steam Deck Compatibility

Archaelund is officially launching on January 8, 2024, and players are eagerly diving into this new RPG experience. However, the question remains in the minds of many people, especially those with Steam Deck: Is Archaelund a verified Steam Deck game?

Although Steam Deck owners may be concerned about this uncertainty, it is important to note that labeling a game as “Unknown” does not mean that it is unplayable. We encourage players eager to try out Arcelund on their Steam Deck to check out the developer’s official Steam Deck compatibility patch.

In the meantime, adventurous players can explore the possibilities. By following a few simple steps—launching Steam on the Steam Deck, searching for Archaelund in the bar, clicking on the game, and checking the Steam Deck compatibility in the upper right corner—players can get a preliminary idea of the game’s status on the handheld console.

As the community anxiously awaits official details, players can play the game to share their experiences and inquire about Steam Deck support on the Game Guide community page on Steam. With the promise of Arkland’s expansive world and innovative gameplay, the anticipation of a seamless Steam Deck experience is palpable.

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