War Hospital Early Review: A Unique Blend of Strategy and Humanity

In the saturated landscape of World War I games, War Hospital stands out from the typical adrenaline-pumping battle scenarios. Developed by Brave Lamb, the game places players in the shoes of Major Henry Wells, a retired combat medic who has come back into service to manage a field hospital during the chaos of World War I. The focus here is not on the thrill of victory or the rush of battle, but on resource management, staff shortages, and the constant influx of wounded soldiers amid battle.

War Hospital Gameplay: Pseudo Realistic Graphics

War Hospital distinguishes itself with its “pseudo-realistic” graphic style, a deliberate choice by the developers. The stylized but historically accurate approach enhances character expression and humanizes the game’s heroes. The slightly more vibrant color palette breaks away from the limited colors of the era, helping to differentiate units and prevent generic character models. This thoughtful touch adds depth to the visual experience, immersing players in a unique depiction of World War I.

A Unique Single-Player Management Game

Combining real-time strategy and survival elements, War Hospital offers a unique single-player management experience. As Major Henry Wells, players take charge of a British field hospital in a fictional town in northern France. The decisions taken, whether resource management or patient treatment, have both economic and ethical consequences. Subtle choices, neither black nor white, determine one of the possible story endings, providing a refreshing perspective on decision making with the need to anticipate short and long-term impacts.

Humanizing the Strategy

War Hospital goes beyond a purely strategic economic approach by adding a human dimension to its gameplay. Developers bring depth to the decision-making process with detailed character files containing personal information such as family situations and medical history. Knowing that a patient is expecting a child or a young wife is anxiously awaiting her husband’s return adds a dramatic and emotionally charged layer to the players’ choices. This emphasis on humanizing data enhances the overall gaming experience, making it more than just a strategic challenge.

Release Date and Criticism

Before we wrap up, be sure to mark your calendars! War Hospital is releasing on January 11 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC.

However, like any game, War Hospital is not without criticism. Some players may find the pace a little slow, especially if they are accustomed to the fast-paced action of traditional fighting games. The deliberate focus on management will not appeal to those who want to engage in constant combat.


Ultimately, War Hospital offers a unique and compelling gaming experience that challenges traditional notions of war games. Its attention to detail, strategic decision making, and human elements set it apart as a standout title. If you’re a gamer and are looking for something different, a game that explores the consequences of war beyond the battlefield, then War Hospital might be just the game for you. As soon as its release, it is set to cause a stir in the gaming community and leave a lasting impression on those seeking a deeper, more thought-provoking gaming experience.

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