The Family Plan Movie Review: Mark Wahlberg’s Action-Comedy Challenge

The Family Plan Movie Review: Mark Wahlberg takes on a unique role in “The Family Plan,” blending a suburban father’s life with a secret past as a government assassin. The film, directed by Simon Cellan Jones, attempts to mix family dynamics with espionage, but does it succeed in presenting a compelling and entertaining story?

Wahlberg’s Dilemma:

In the film, Wahlberg plays Dan Morgan, a mild-mannered car salesman who is hiding a dark secret – he is a former government assassin. The film opens with a failed anniversary encounter that exposes Dan’s immaculately maintained physique, a stark contrast to the film’s comedic premise. Despite the expected ridiculous tone, Wahlberg’s chiseled physique stands in contrast to the film’s attempts at humor.

The Absurdity Unveiled:

The family dynamics, including Michelle Monaghan as Jessica, Zoe Colletti as Nina, and Van Crosby as Kyle, revolve around Dan’s seemingly mundane life. David Coggeshall’s script repeatedly highlights the dissonance between the family’s suburban existence and the action-packed chaos that ensues. However, the humor is thin, and the film struggles to strike the right balance between comedy and action.

Lack of Absurdism:

While “The Family Plan” has the action-comedy flavor, the jokes fall flat. The film lacks the absurdity necessary for a successful execution of its formulaic shoot-em-up premise. The ridiculous potential is hampered by Wahlberg’s nonchalant personality, leaving audiences yearning for the stronger squareness of a more suitable lead.

Forgotten Villains and Unconvincing Subplots:

The film’s vague B-movie backstory, along with a lack of compelling villains, leaves a lot to be desired. Ciarán Hinds makes a brief appearance, but the film fails to establish a solid opponent. As the family embarks on a road trip to escape suspicious operatives, the lack of tension becomes apparent, and the film struggles to maintain engagement.

A Lackluster Family Drama:

“The Family Plan” attempts to incorporate family drama into the narrative, addressing personal issues and secret identities within the Morgan family. However, these subplots seem out of place in an action-comedy, contributing to the film’s nearly two-hour runtime without adding significant depth or resonance.

The Family Plan Movie Review & Summary

DirectorSimon Cellan Jones
GenresAction, Comedy
Running Time1h 59m
Initial ReleaseDecember 15, 2023
DistributorApple TV+
IMDb Rating6.3/10
CastMark Wahlberg, Michelle Monaghan, Saïd Taghmaoui, Maggie Q, Zoe Colletti, Van Crosby

Despite Mark Wahlberg’s action prowess, “The Family Plan” fails in its attempt to blend suburban family life with spy thrillers. The film’s odd absurdity and lack of disjointed humor contribute to its forgettable nature. Although it offers a unique twist on family dynamics, its execution fails to create a truly entertaining action-comedy experience.

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