Orion and the Dark Movie Review: Navigating Nighttime Adventures

Exploring the Shadows

Orion and the Dark Movie Review: Let’s talk about Orion, an 11-year-old dealing with worries in DreamWorks Animation’s “Orion and the Dark.” Voiced by Jacob Tremblay, Orion uses drawings to handle his fears. But when the drawings don’t quite do the trick, he goes on a surprising journey into the mysteries of nighttime.

Orion and the Dark Movie Trailer

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An Unusual Storytelling Adventure

This movie does things differently, skipping theaters and heading straight to Netflix. Charlie Kaufman, the brain behind movies like “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” turns a simple picture book into a cool animated feature. This time, it’s all about dreams and fears.

Facing the Dark

Forget about regular monsters. Here, the Dark is a friendly character with googly eyes and a charming smile, voiced by Paul Walter Hauser. Dark’s goal? To help Orion conquer his fear of the dark by revealing its secrets.

Unveiling Worries

Orion’s fears go beyond the usual stuff. From killer bees to weird cellphone waves and “gutter clowns,” his concerns show a character shaped by a writer who gets what it’s like to be scared. Kaufman cleverly explores childhood fears in a way both kids and parents can understand.

Visual Adventures

Director Sean Charmatz mixes animation styles, blending regular computer animation with playful colored-pencil doodles. While the doodles give us a look into Orion’s thoughts, some might wish for a more colorful and expressive style like the original book.

Nighttime Pals

Kaufman introduces five glowing friends that tag along with Dark. From the sleep-inducing blue creature, Sleep, to the mischievous green Insomnia, they bring the night to life. While fun, treating them like characters might feel a bit overdone.

Untangling the Tale

The story takes unexpected turns, mixing bits from “Inside Out” and “A Christmas Carol.” But younger viewers might find the twists a bit confusing. The revelation that the story is a bedtime tale adds another layer of fun.

A Symphony of Voices

The awesome voice cast, including Natasia Demetriou, Nat Faxon, Golda Rosheuvel, Aparna Nancherla, and Angela Bassett, gives life to the night buddies. However, Kaufman’s explanation halfway through might test some viewers’ patience.

Orion and the Dark Movie Details

GenreAnimation, Comedy, Adventure
Duration1h 30m
Initial ReleaseFebruary 2, 2024
DirectorSean Charmatz
Distributed byNetflix
IMDb Rating6.5/10
WritersCharlie Kaufman, Emma Yarlett, Lloyd Taylor
Orion and the Dark Netflix Movie

Conclusion – Orion and the Dark Movie Review

“Orion and the Dark” boldly explores childhood fears with Kaufman’s unique touch. While the film’s creative approach may appeal to some, it risks overwhelming its young audience. A more balanced main character and a lively Dark could have made this nighttime adventure more enjoyable. As the night buddies say goodbye, the film leaves us thinking about the dance between light and dark in our fears.

Orion and the Dark Movie Review: A DreamWorks Adventure into Childhood Fears for Everyone.

Admin – Orion and the Dark Movie Review

This film had me captivated right from the start! It defied my expectations for a kids’ movie. Is it truly just for children, though? As an adult, I found it more entertaining, navigating through the themes of fear, anxiety, and, well, “darkness,” subtly intertwining with emotions! Towards the end, I felt they were losing track a bit, but it all turned out well. It bears some resemblance to ‘Inside Out,’ but it’s undeniably entertaining, humorous, and surprising. I went in with low expectations and came out thoroughly enthralled. I highly recommend anyone to courageously stick with it till the end!

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