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Top 10 Next Fest Steam Games of 2024

The world of gaming is evolving, and Next Fest on Steam brings a promising lineup of innovative and captivating titles. From emotional narratives to adrenaline-pumping adventures, the variety will definitely make gamers eagerly wait for their release. Here are the top 10 Next Fest Steam games of 2024:


IGN YouTube Channel

Embark on a narrative-driven journey in this third-person game where divine vision collides with a grim reality. Follow the story of Indika, a young nun who is on a quest for self-awareness, along with an unexpected horn-headed ally. Uncover the secrets beneath the demure facade as Indica’s extraordinary bond with Satan takes her into a world teetering between humor and heartbreak.

2. Serum

IGN YouTube Channel

Wake up in a world engulfed by a mysterious poisonous substance, armed only with a special device affixed to your arm. Your survival depends on obtaining the serum, and how you get it is in your hands. Navigate dangerous scenarios, seek out advanced technology and enhance your weapons for self-defense. But be careful, serums have the power to reshape your body in unexpected ways.

3. Pacific Drive

PlayStation YouTube Channel

In this run-based first-person driving survival game, your car is your only companion in the surreal wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Repair, upgrade and prepare your vehicle in an abandoned garage to face the dangers of the Olympic Exclusion Zone. Pursue long-forgotten secrets and encounter strange anomalies as you set out on an adventure.


PlayStation YouTube Channel

Trapped within The Sarcophagus is a giant cosmic entity known as Ultros, who cradles the ancient monstrosity, unlocking the secrets of this drifting realm. This surreal odyssey, based on science fiction, explores deep topics such as mental health, the cycle of life and death, and the complex weave of karma. Immerse yourself in a fantastical art style and a hauntingly mysterious soundtrack.

5. Dystopika

Voids Within YouTube Channel

Create stunning cyberpunk cities and futuristic noir vibes in this meditative city-sculpting experience. No goals or management, just the freedom to shape, carve and refine the horizons of your dreams (or nightmares). Dive into rich atmospheric moods for contemplation, creativity and wonder, with a photo mode that allows you to control every detail.

6. Helskate

GameSpot Trailers YouTube Channel

Take skateboarding to the next level in this action roguelite. Grind, execute moves and create chain combos to power up your attacks and kill monsters in Wertheim. Customize your play style with unique weapons and gear, die, upgrade and come back for more exciting action in this skateboarding maze.

7. Lightyear Frontier

Xbox YouTube Channel

Experience the thrill of farming in a serene open world on a remote planet at the edge of the galaxy. Jump into your multi-purpose mech with three friends to cultivate exotic crops, build a unique home, and explore the jungles of this captivating otherworldly landscape. Balance peaceful farming tasks with the thrill of exploration.

8. Drug Dealer Simulator 2

GameTrailers YouTube Channel

Flash back to Isla Sombra in the early 2000s, a notorious hotspot for cartels and dealers. Climb the stairs, set up a base, and engage in the production and distribution of medicines. Make connections, venture into neighboring villages, but beware of existing criminal powerhouses who have a negative attitude towards newcomers.

9. Harold Halibut

Harold Halibut YouTube Channel

Immerse yourself in this handcrafted narrative game set in a city-sized spaceship sunken in an alien ocean. Explore themes of friendship and life as Harold, a young lab assistant who is on a search for a new habitable planet. Uncover the stories of the diverse inhabitants as you navigate the extraordinary setting and help your ship’s leading scientist achieve his ambitious relaunch plans.

10. Tales of Kenzera: ZAU

Electronic Arts YouTube Channel

Dive into a heartfelt single-player action-adventure platformer about the love between a father and son. Play as Zau, a grieving hero who is determined to bring his father back from the dead. With the guidance of Kalunga, the god of death, journey through mysterious 2.5D realms and harness the cosmic powers of the warrior sorcerer. Experience Zau’s spiritual healing journey in this Metroidvania-style adventure.

Top 10 Next Fest Steam games of 2024 promises an exciting year for gamers, with a wide variety of games offering unique experiences and captivating narratives. Stay tuned for these upcoming releases and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of gaming in 2024!

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