Top 10 Kristen Stewart Movies: A Cinematic Journey through Her Versatile and Acclaimed Performances

Top 10 Kristen Stewart Movies: Kristen Stewart is widely recognized for portraying Isabella “Bella” Swan in The Twilight Saga. She has pursued her acting career with versatility and acclaim. Born into a family with deep roots in the film industry, Stewart’s early performances earned her praise and nominations. While her breakthrough role in Panic Room showcased her talent, her role in Sean Penn’s Into the Wild received critical acclaim. After Twilight, Stewart pursued indie projects, earning praise for roles in The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys.

Beyond the Twilight Saga, Stewart starred in Snow White and the Huntsman, On the Road, and Clouds of Sils Maria. For the latter he won a Cesar Award. The actress’ commitment to challenging roles continued with films such as Still Alice and Happiest Season. Her recent portrayal of Princess Diana in Spenser earned her universal acclaim and her first Oscar nomination. In 2020, Stewart’s projects like Crimes of the Future will showcase her talent and versatility.

Now, let’s look at the top 10 movies that highlight Kristen Stewart’s compelling performances and diverse roles.

Top 10 Kristen Stewart Movies

10. American Ultra

GenreComedy, Action
Duration1h 35m
DirectorNima Nourizadeh
WriterMax Landis
StarsJesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Connie Britton
IMDb Rating6.1/10

09. Zathura: A Space Adventure

GenreAdventure, Sci-fi
Duration1h 41m
DirectorJon Favreau
WritersChris Van Allsburg, David Koepp, John Kamps
StarsJosh Hutcherson, Jonah Bobo, Dax Shepard
IMDb Rating6.2/10

08. Charlie’s Angels

GenreAction, Comedy
Duration1h 58m
DirectorElizabeth Banks
WritersElizabeth Banks, Evan Spiliotopoulos, David Auburn
StarsKristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska
IMDb Rating5/10

07. Happiest Season

GenreComedy, Romance
Duration1h 42m
DirectorClea DuVall
WritersClea DuVall, Mary Holland
StarsKristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, Mary Steenburgen
IMDb Rating6.6/10

06. Snow White and the Huntsman

GenreFantasy, Action
Duration2h 7m
DirectorRupert Sanders
WritersEvan Daugherty, John Lee Hancock, Hossein Amini
StarsKristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron
IMDb Rating6.1/10

05. Spencer

GenreHorror, Drama
Duration1h 51m
DirectorPablo Larraín
WriterSteven Knight
StarsKristen Stewart, Timothy Spall, Sally Hawkins
IMDb Rating6.6/10

04. Underwater

GenreHorror, Action
Duration1h 35m
DirectorWilliam Eubank
WritersBrian Duffield, Adam Cozad
StarsKristen Stewart, Vincent Cassel, Mamoudou Athie
IMDb Rating5.9/10

03. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

GenreFantasy, Romance
Duration1h 48m
DirectorBill Condon
WritersMelissa Rosenberg, Stephenie Meyer
StarsKristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner
IMDb Rating4.9/10

02. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

GenreFantasy, Romance
Duration1h 55m
DirectorBill Condon
WritersStephenie Meyer, Melissa Rosenberg
StarsKristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner
IMDb Rating5.5/10

01. Twilight

GenreRomance, Fantasy
Duration2h 2m
DirectorCatherine Hardwicke
WritersMelissa Rosenberg, Stephenie Meyer
StarsKristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Billy Burke
IMDb Rating5.3/10

Kristen Stewart’s cinematic journey reflects versatility, talent, and dedication to a variety of roles. From the iconic Twilight Saga to compelling indie films and dramas, Stewart has continually evolved as an actress. Switching genres, Stewart delivered subtle performances, cementing his status as a respected talent in the film industry.

As we eagerly await her future projects, Kristen Stewart‘s lasting impact on the cinematic landscape is clear. His indelible mark reflects a remarkable career of growth and commitment to storytelling.

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