Portal Revolution Early Review: A Sneak Peek into the Prequel Adventure

Before we dive into the intricacies of the portal revolution, let’s take a moment to set the stage. This fan-made prequel campaign to Portal 2, created by Second Face Software, has received official approval from Valve and is set to arrive on Steam on January 5th.

Portal Revolution Gameplay

Portal Revolution introduces a series of new characters, with a charming companion named Sterling leading the way. Before the cataclysmic events of Portal, players set out on a mission to restore the Aperture Science test station to its former glory. Boasting 40 new test chambers and a fully integrated campaign into the existing canon, the game promises both an intense and nostalgic experience for portal enthusiasts.

Lead developer Stefan Heinz assured fans that Portal Revolution follows a progression reminiscent of the original Portal 2. Gone are the days of frantic portal launches, making room for logic-based puzzles that offer a refreshing take on the iconic gameplay.

So far, the development team has carefully refined various aspects, ensuring that the game is 99% complete. They have paid special attention to elements such as level design, gameplay blocking, decorations and choreography, including voiceovers and animations, all of which have been polished to perfection. Special kudos go to Jared Poole for the excellent soundtrack which significantly enhances the immersive experience.

Although the game is fully fleshed out, there is still some work to do in the effects department. Tasks include finalizing environment set pieces, animations and particles. Despite the challenges faced during the transition to the new engine, the team has successfully addressed many bugs, with only two major issues remaining unresolved. Sadly, multiplayer enthusiasts may be disappointed, as the game lacks multiplayer functionality.

For interested modders, the good news is that Portal: Revolution’s engine can serve as a base. However, keep in mind that support and updates will not be provided for modders. The team recommends Portal 2: Community Edition for modification, but with a caveat.

Do you need to own Portal 2?

The burning question – should you own Portal 2? Yes, you do, but the problem is that you don’t need Portal 2 installed to play Portal Revolution. Dust off that old copy of Portal 2 in your Steam library, and get ready for an epic journey through Portals.


In conclusion, Portal Revolution appears to be the result of the gaming community’s love. With its unique take on the Portal universe, deep storytelling, and commitment to quality, it stands as a worthy addition to any gamer’s playlist. So, mark your calendars for January 5, 2024, and let’s embark on this portal-filled adventure together. Get ready for revolution!

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